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2016: A Summary of Raidlight's Performance Athletes

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2016 marked a year full of innovations and also the recruitment of elite athletes. Let’s revisit the year and the achievements gained by our Dream Team and other athletes who flew the flag for Raidlight. Today we look at the Dream Team.

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The Dream Team:

Nathalie Mauclair
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In 2016, she took part in her first Marathon des Sables, finishing strongly in second place. She then went on to win the UTRB in Mauritius and the Aladaglar sky Trail in Turkey; two races which she had never taken part in before. She finished her season with a strong 4th place at the IAU World Ultra Trail Championships, contributing to the French Team winning the gold.

Elisabet Barnes
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Elisabet Barnes, specialist in endurance and stage racing, confirmed her status as a forerunner in these types of races with excellent results during the 2016 season. She gained a 2nd place finish at the Coastal Challenge, a 4th place finish at the Marathon des Sables, 3rd place at Richtersveld Transfrontier Wildrun, overall 1st place at the Big Red Run and a 2nd place at the Grand to Grand.

Antoine Guillon
Antoine's season has been marked by many races around the globe where he has had some great performances. He had victories at the Ultra Trail Tai Mo Shan, the Menorca Cami de Cavalls trail and the North Traverse of L’Echappée Belle. He also finished 11th at Transgrancanaria. His season concluded with a magnificent 2nd place at the Diagonale des Fous after a metronome paced race.

Christophe le Saux
Christophe spent much of 2016 racing through the landscapes of the world, with victories at the Annapurna Mandala trail, Patagania Trail, Expedition Bolivia Trail and podiums at the UTMT , The Cordillèra Huayhuash Trail and L’Echappée Belle Integrale, to name just a few. These performances were also punctuated by FKT’s (Fastest Known Times) of crossings in total autonomy, such as the Cordillera Apolobamba crossing (75 km, 4500 d + between 2000 and 5000m altitude) in 14 hours, crossing the Cordillera Royal (152 km with 9250 d + between 2000 and 6088m altitude) in 33 hours and crossing the Amazon Jungle (153 km, 6250 m +) in 49 hours with two companions.

Rachid El Morabity
Rachid OCC - Copie.jpg
Already accustomed to racing under the colours of Raidlight during his previous victories at the Marathon des Sables, Rachid El Morabity is now a full member of the Raidlight Dream Team. The announcement of his membership into Raidlight’s Dream Team was marked by achieving 2nd place at the OCC®. He then won the Oman Desert Marathon for the third consecutive time.

Benoit Laval
After receiving his letter of condolence from Lazarus Lake, the charismatic organizer of the Barkley, Benoit flew to Tennessee to take up the challenge in the Frozen Head Forest Park. He managed to complete 2 loops during which he brought back all the pages from the books required. This unique adventure at the Barkley gave rise to a film "La Barkley" The promotion of which was supported by Laz during a tour in France.

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