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He played, and he won! Introducing Julien, who correctly answered the question from the Raidlight Dream Trail Tour competition on our site and won a place in the Chartreuse Trail Festival. Happening soon in Chartreuse!

- Tell us a bit about yourself? Which region do you come from?
My name is Julien, I’m 38 years old (tomorrow!), I am a Marketing Manager for an industrial group.

Originally from Normandy, I moved to Grenoble to get closer to the mountains.

- How did you discover trail running?

I discovered trail by attending the UTMB 2005 in Chamonix.

The following year I wore my first number on the CCC without really knowing what it entailed!

My mountain activities quickly evolved from hiking to trail and from ski touring to ski mountaineering.

- What do you like about the somewhat "crazy" discipline that is Trail?

To surpass ourselves by setting goals, to evolve and grow in magnificent settings, to live each race as a real adventure, these are my motives and goals.

I love the feeling that I am “beating” time by completing a course in just 1 day that is usually done in 2-3 days if walking.

- What is your favourite distance, in which you feel most comfortable?
The trail for me is an adventure with an objective to make it to the end, so I prefer long distances.

My favourite distance at the end of the season is around 100km and 6,000m of uneven ground.

I will make an exception this summer by starting the UTMB

- Can you describe your "typical week" of training?
I do not really have a "typical week" of training, it varies according to the seasons, my goals and my desires. I train a lot and I try to do cross training: CAP - swimming - bike - gym.

In the winter I change things up, replacing my CAP sessions with strengthening muscles + cardio and ski touring weekends (training and competitions).

I train between 45min to 1h30 a day on weekdays and more on weekends. I leave 1 to 3 days of recovery after a competition.

I learned to have a reasoned approach to my training by planning a progressive season and respecting periods of recovery between important competitions.

- How did you come to participate in the RTDT contest?
I started following the RaidLight facebook page and immediately answered the question when I saw the post because I have great memories from when I participated in the 21km (11th) Chartreuse Trail Festival 2016.

- What is your goal for the Chartreuse Trail festival?
My objective is to take up the challenge of the 3 events in 3 days: KMV + SKYTRAIL + SEMI TRAIL.

- What are you expecting from this experience?
With a bit of experience on stage races (Oisans Challenge, Solukhumbu Trail, Summer Pierra Menta), it's always hard to imagine carrying on the next day ... But the body gets used to the effort and it is astonishing to be able to surpass your perceived limits over several days of racing.

It is always a gamble but if everything goes well you are guaranteed to experience 100% of the Chartruese Trail Festival 2017!

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